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Cen Art

New York

New York

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This artwork is made on fine art paper glued to canvas. The background tells a story with newspaper clippings from both The New York Times and the Haagse Courant, dating from the remarkable period of Black Lives Matter. Here history is intertwined with art.

This work of art was constructed with acrylic, spray cans and rough exterior paint. The thick layers of paint provide a funky effect, while the exterior paint adds a nice shine. This work of art is not just a creation; it is a vivid expression of history and emotion. If you are looking for a work of art that brings a room to life, then this work is a real eye-catcher.

Have you become curious? Request a free trial placement!

It is always difficult to decide from a picture what it actually looks like. If you are curious about what this work of art does to you, visit the Atelier of Cen Art (in a side street of the Reinkenstraat in The Hague). Please email us for a time slot so that we can quietly prepare everything for you so that you have plenty of time to take in the work.

If you would rather try out the work at home, you can do that too! Email us and we will schedule a no-obligation trial placement. You can see for free whether the work suits you.

Dimensions: 110 cm wide 140 cm high

Technique: Mixed media

Framed: No (not necessary. The muscle frame is thick and forms a natural frame)

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