5 stappen om je kunstwerk uit te zoeken

5 steps to choosing your artwork

Selecting art can be quite difficult. There are many beautiful works of art online and in galleries, but how do you choose what suits you best and also in a space?

Below I explain step by step how you can make the right choice;

  1. Determine the place where the artwork will hang . You can determine this by looking at your viewing direction. Check which wall you are looking at when you walk into a room, for example. Also pay attention to the light on the wall. If the light falls nicely on a spot on the wall, then this is often the spot where your eyes are looking.
  2. Check the size of the wall where the artwork can be hung. Make sure there is enough wall left around the artwork. Always hang the artwork at eye level. By this we mean that the center of the work hangs at eye level.
  3. Determine what budget you want to spend on your artwork. This way you also know which options remain within your wishes.
  4. Now look at which colors your house has the most and which color accent you would like to bring back. The most important colors that you use in your interior are reflected in your work of art. In this way you connect all the colors together and create unity. Play with light and dark colors. A light work of art is beautiful on a dark wall, a light wall can support a darker work of art.
  5. Show courage and make a choice . Finally; Don't worry about what others think of your choice. Art can never be found beautiful by everyone. What matters is that it has an effect on you. Does it make you happy? Does it fit the phase of your life you are in? Then it will be alright. Go For It! And especially; enjoy it!

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